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Pension fund finishes year at all time high

From “Business Matters” column by Bruce Krasnow, Santa Fe New Mexican, Feb. 13, 2017

With all the bad news about public pension funds, the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board fund is reporting an 8.5 percent return for the 2016 calendar year.

The fund reached assets of $11.7 billion and grew by $939.8 million over the year after fees. Net returns have been 8.5 percent over the last five years after fees and 9 percent since 1983.

 “The most important point is that our 8.5 percent return for the year exceeded our actuarial target of 7.75 percent,” said Bob Jacksha, chief investment officer.

 Educational Retirement Board chairwoman Mary Lou Cameron said the board has made a strategic decision to diversify its portfolio, and this has reduced volatility over time.

The educational retirement pension plan covers close to 60,000 active members currently paying into the system and 46,000 retirees, ranging from public school teachers, administrators and staff to college faculty and staff.


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NMERB 2017 Legislative Update

One of the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (NMERB)’s bills passed this Legislative session and one that affects NMERB and Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) members passed. The two were signed by the Governor. They are:

SB 28, which revises the Educational Retirement Act to clarify statutory language and conform to current practices. It deletes outdated references to the term “provisional members” from the Act; permits disability benefit applicants to see their own medical provider and provide applicable records to NMERB, which will make a decision on disability; and eliminates other outdated terms and provisions.

HB 34 in which retirees with both PERA and NMERB benefits will receive separate payments from each system for the benefits from each system. This bill goes into effect July 1 and affects only new retirees who retired on or after after July 1, 2017. Others will continue to receive a consolidated benefit payment monthly for the foreseeable future. At some time in the future, all NMERB and PERA retirees with service in both plans will receive separate payments from the two funds

SB 29, which would have given the Executive Director of NMERB the authority to appoint and determine the salaries of various positions in NMERB’s Investment Division, did not pass.



NMERB now accepts drivers licenses as proof of age for the Retirement Application Packet.


ATTENTION RETIREES: Important information for retirees under the age of 55.

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