You may download and print out most NMERB forms such as, the Beneficiary Form (Form 42), Retirement Application, Benefit Estimate Request, Change of Address Form, and the State and Federal Tax Withholding Form. Please fill out all forms using black or dark blue ink. Complete any required signatures and mail the forms (unless otherwise stated) to NMERB at PO Box 26129 Santa Fe, NM 87502. See below for all downloadable forms.

Applying for your NMERB Retirement

Step one: Register your MYNMERB Account by clicking the lime green tab above or click here.

Step two: Download and read the Five Simple Steps to Retirement--(PDF)

Step three: Benefit Estimate Form (see below)

Before you retire, you may wish to review your potential monthly benefit. If you're eligible, you may download and fill out the Request for Benefit Estimate Form (see below). You may scan and email this form to This process may take up to 8 weeks to process. In order to review an estimate of your monthly benefit immediately, please register or login into the Member-Self Service portal by clicking: My NMERB Account.

*Request for Benefit Estimate Form --(pdf)

*Note: NMERB will provide one benefit estimate for eligible members per year.

Step four: NMERB Retirement Application Form (see below)

You should obtain the Retirement Application Form from your local personnel or business office 60-90 days prior to your effective date of retirement. You may also download and print out the application yourself. Your Retirement Application has five pages: (1) Five Simple Steps to Retirement, (2) Instructions, (3) Application for Retirement Checklist, (4) Member Information, and (5) the Employer Certification. Complete the Member Information Form and return it to your personnel or business office where the Employer Certification will be completed by your employer. Your employer will then forward the completed application to our office. This process takes between 8-12 weeks to process from when NMERB recieves your application, from your employer.


Our staff will review your application for eligibility and mail you your Retirement Documents Packet. This will include: an information memorandum, a final computation of your retirement benefit, a final selection of benefit form, and a direct deposit authorization form. You must complete and fill out all forms and mail the original copies to NMERB at PO Box 26129 Santa Fe, NM 87502. You should receive the Retirement Documents Packet at least one month prior to your effective retirement date. If you have not received this information, please email

*Retirement Application Form-- (pdf)

*Retirement Application Form with the 5 simple steps attached-- (PDF)

*NMERB now accepts your driver's license as proof of age for the Retirement Application.


Additional member forms:


Beneficiary Designation - Form 42  (For Active/Inactive Members Only) - If you are retired and wish to inquire about a change in beneficiary, email

Change of Address Form (For all Retirees who've moved and wish to recieve their 1099 forms.)

Application to Purchase Service Credit  (Private School Employment in New Mexico)

Please Note - Effective October 1, 2014: When you provide a check as payment, you authorize the State of New Mexico to either use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction.

Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit Services  (Bank Form for Retirees)

Application to Purchase Service Credit  (Out of State Employment)

Direct Rollover to ERB Transfer Request Form

Request for Refund and/or Rollover

State and Federal Tax Deduction Form (updated 12/17)

Statement of Release


Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) Forms
ARP Eligibility - ARP NMERB Manual

ARP Announcements

-- ARP Selection Form (to be completed at initial time of employment)

-- Election to Become a Defined Benefit Plan Member (from ARP) Must be submitted through your employer)

(Brochure) Option to Switch from the ARP to the Defined Benefit Plan


Divorce Forms

Divorce - Pre-Retirement Model Order with Instructions Dividing ERB Benefits (pdf version)

Divorce - Pre-Retirement Model Order with Instructions Dividing ERB Benefits

(MS Word version)

 Divorce - Post-Retirement Model Order with Instructions Dividing ERB Benefits (pdf version)
 Divorce - Post-Retirement Model Order with Instructions Dividing ERB Benefits (MS Word version)

Divorce - Release of Claims (pdf version - can be completed using your computer keyboard)

Click here for definitions and Frequently Asked Questions about the Release of Claims form.

Click here for more information on Community Property Rights.


Disability Forms

For information pertaining to disability please email

Click here for information on Disability Retirement


Working After Retirement - Applications

-- Return To Work Program Application

           ERB Director's Policy Regarding Contributions by Retirees Working Pursuant to the RTWP

-- Application to Withdraw from Return To Work Program - posted 05/15/2013

-- Independent Contractor Determination Application

You will need Acrobat reader to view the pdf files.

Click here to download Acrobat Reader