ERB Benefits Calculator

You can calculate an estimated benefit by entering the required information below. The formula is explained on this page.
You must meet the minimum eligibility requirements in order to retire. Click here for eligibility requirements. Read Disclaimer.

Enter Your Projected Age at Retirement

Years of Earned Service at Age of Retirement

Years of Purchased Service at Age of Retirement


Click here for the definition of earned service and purchased service

Enter your highest five consecutive annual salaries (enter digits only; no commas or decimals, ie: 55000, 55240, 56400)

$ Salary - First Year 

$ Salary - Second Year 

$ Salary - Third Year

$ Salary - Fourth Year  

$ Salary - Fifth Year   


Your estimated NMERB annual benefit

Your estimated NMERB monthly benefit

This calculator only does the simple Formula A as described on the Retirement Benefits page. If you would like to calculate the "B" and "C" options please sign on to the ERB's Member Access and use your calculator.

If you have any technical questions or problems, please contact our office at 1-866-691-2345, 1-866-691-2345.

Calculator limitations

The calculator will not:

- Verify your eligibility for a benefit.

- Determine your future salary.  (It is up to you to estimate what the average of your highest five consecutive years of salary will be at retirement.  If the actual final average salary is different than the one you entered, your benefit estimate will be different than the actual benefit.)

- Determine your projected service credit at retirement. (You must project the number of years of service credit that you will have at retirement. If the service credit that you enter is incorrect, your estimate will not be the same as your actual benefit.) 

Calculator Disclaimer

If the results of your estimate differ from your official benefit calculation at retirement, the official calculation based on the ERA, will be used.  The accuracy of your estimate depends on how closely the variables you enter on the input screens match those at retirement.  The calculator provides unofficial estimates only. 

I have read and understand this disclaimer and I agree that any estimates provided by the calculator will be done so under these conditions.

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