Educational Retirement Act

 Access to the Educational Retirement Act is on the NM Compilation Commission's website.

Educational Retirement Act  <<click to access site

Find the Public Access Law link that is displayed across the top of the page; scroll down to Search Statutes and Court Rules; you will be directed to a page with a search box. In the search box, enter 22-11-1. You will be directed to a list of statutes, find Chapter 22 - Public Schools.


Educational Retirement Act (pdf version) - updated 07/2015


Educational Retirement Board Rules and Regulations

The key to member service is access to information. Our goal is to put information important to you at your fingerprint, clicking on the section you are interested in will take to you the official site of the New Mexico Administrative Code website.

2.82.1 - General Provision  (revised 09/26/2017)

2.82.2 - Membership  (revised 10/31/2017)

2.82.3 - Member and Administrative Unit Contributions  (revised 09/26/2017)

2.82.4 - Service Credit  (revised 10/31/2017)

2.82.5 - Retirement Benefit  (revised 10/17/2017)

2.82.6 - Disability Benefits

2.82.7 - Annuitants and Disability Recipients  (revised 10/17/2017)

2.82.8 - Investment Policies and Practice  (revised 03/14/2017)

2.82.9 - Administrative Unit Reports and Remittances

2.82.10 - Retirement Reciprocity  (revised 06/16/2015)

2.82.11 - Administrative Appeals   (revised 10/17/2017)

2.82.12 - Qualified Excess Benefit Arrangement