Military Service

Members who previously served in the military or the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service may purchase up to five years of allowed service credit in the ERB Defined Benefit Plan. Service credit for active duty may be purchased after five years of employment by an ERB employer. The cost to the member is the combined employee and employer contributions at the current contribution rates. To qualify for allowed service credit, you must have received an honorable discharge and provide the ERB with a copy of your DD-214. ERB is in full compliance with the federal Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act (USERRA) which ensures that individuals who serve in the Armed Forces, Reserves, National Guard, or other “uniformed services” are:

• not disadvantaged in civilian careers because of their service,
• promptly reemployed in civilian jobs upon return from duty, and
• not discriminated against in employment based on past, present, or future military service.

If you are employed by an ERB employer and engage in US Military Service that interrupts your employment, including being called to active duty while in the National Guard or Reserves, your pension rights under the ERB Defined Benefit Plan are preserved under the terms of USERRA. This means that for the purposes of service credit, you will be treated as if you had no break in employment with the ERB employer. To receive this allowed service credit, you must return to that employment within
eighteen months following honorable discharge. While you are on active duty, neither you, nor your ERB employer, makes contributions to the plan. This “free military” period relieves you from making contributions while you are away from your civilian career.