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Plan Design Change Proposal FY 2012 - 2013

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Outline of Solvency Proposal - 10/10/2012

ERB Pension Plan Funding Policy - 07/19/2012

IPOC Approves ERB Board's Legislative Proposal


Plan Design Change Proposal FY 2011 - 2012

2012 Legislative Update

ERB's Plan Design Change Proposal, SB 150, made significant progress in the 2012 NM Legislative Session; however, it stalled in the House Labor & Human Resources Committee.

Although SB 150 didn't pass this year, the ERB Board and Staff will continue to make efforts to improve the fund.

The ERB Board and Staff wish to extend our gratitude to our members and others who provided input and support during the Plan Design Change Proposal process. We hope to see continued support when the issue is revisited this spring.

SB 150 Timeline

Senate Bill 150

ERB's Plan Design Change Proposal has been introduced at the 2012 NM Legislative Session as Senate Bill 150 (SB 150). To see the full version of SB 150, click the links below.

SB 150 (NM Legislative Website)

SB 150 Committee Substitute

SB 150 Committee Substitute Analysis

SB 150 Committee Substitute Fact Sheet

The Investments and Pension Oversight Committee has endorsed the Educational Retirement Board's proposal to change retirement benefits. The proposal will help improve solvency and ensure sustainability of the fund for many years to come. The Board adopted the plan at its November 21st board meeting. The proposal will be drafted for legislation and be presented during the 2012 NM Legislative Session. To read more about the proposal please click here.

As more information becomes available it will be posted to our website so please be sure to check back here for frequent updates.

FAQs on why ERB must make changes.

FAQs on how the proposed changes will affect current members.

Plan Design Change Proposal Scenario

ERB Plan Design Change Proposal Myths vs. Facts

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NMERB Benefit Studies October 2011

Design Change Scenarios - Summaries of each of the six proposals

AFT - ERB Solvency Proposal - 12/06/11


Plan Design Change Proposal FY 2010 - 2011

Greetings NMERB Members!

The NMERB is currently evaluating several possible plan design changes that will affect both active and new members. We contracted with an independent research firm, Research and Polling Inc., to conduct a survey of our active membership with a specific list of questions and alternatives with the objective of gauging membership reaction to the various alternatives.

Below is the presentation explaining the results of this poll.